July 6 2017

We need YOUR help to solve a lizard mystery! For the past eight years, members of our Lizard Lab have studied green anole lizards (scientific name: Anolis carolinensis) in Palmetto State Park in Luling, Texas. This park is about an hour[…]

April 22 2017

Si nunca has conocido a un científico, podrías preguntarte cómo se ven. La respuesta es simple: los científicos se ven como cualquier otra persona! No existe un solo tipo de científico. En nuestro Laboratorio de las Lagartijas en San Antonio,[…]

April 21 2017

If you’ve never met a scientist, you may wonder what real scientists look like. The answer is that scientists look like all of us! There’s not one type of scientist. In our Lizard Lab in San Antonio, Texas, we have[…]

March 6 2017

There are lots of different kinds of jobs in science, and one of the most important jobs is that of a technician. In many research labs, technicians are the people who have the skills to do the hands-on work of[…]

January 29 2017

What makes lizards, snakes, crocodiles, and turtles so cool? There are LOTS of reasons why these animals are fun to learn about, and our friend Jordan Bush has written about her top three. (Jordan used to be a student in[…]

December 15 2016

The students who work in the Lizard Lab have accepted the “Mannequin Challenge” and made a video of ourselves one day while we were “working” in the lab… (Note: Although we were being silly, we were also very careful to[…]

September 5 2016

It’s been an amazing summer, here in the Lizard Lab! We have learned a lot of new things (see here and here), thought about new ideas to test, collected the data to see if those ideas are right (see here, here, and[…]

August 15 2016

This summer, we were lucky to have two high school interns work with us in the Lizard Lab! One of those interns, Riann, wrote about her time in the lab. Read on to see what she learned, and for her advice[…]

April 18 2016

Hi everyone! Those of us in the Lizard Lab have been so busy studying lizards that we haven’t posted on our blog in a long time. What have we been doing? We’ve been catching lizards, measuring lizard muscles and brains,[…]

January 15 2015

If you’re a kid in the United States, you’ve probably had to do a project for your school’s annual science fair. First, you have to think of an interesting question, and then you conduct your experiment and collect your data.[…]

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