July 2 2014

Here in Puerto Rico, we are studying several species of lizards that scientists don’t know much about yet.  One of those species is called the Ponce Grass Anole (Ponce is a town in southern Puerto Rico), and its scientific name[…]

June 23 2014

The Lizard Lab is lucky to have a high school student working with us this summer!  Sian Rips is a junior at the International School of the Americas in San Antonio, and she’s become involved in several projects in the[…]

May 9 2014

It’s the end of the spring semester for the members of the Lizard Lab, and we just had a party to celebrate all of our accomplishments this year!  We had a lot to be excited about – all the data[…]

November 15 2013

In spring and summer in Texas, we see lizards everywhere we look.  They’re climbing on the trees, crawling on the ground, and running around the walls of our houses.  If you watch a lizard for a few minutes in the[…]

August 13 2013

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the Lizards and Friends website!  My name is Michele, and I’m a scientist who studies how lizards behave.  I’m interested in how lizards “talk” to each other, and how their brains send signals to their muscles to cause[…]

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