November 17 2016

Everybody you know has a unique personality. Some of us are shy, hyper, optimistic, caring, awkward, friendly, smart, or talkative…the list goes on. And our personalities are complicated – each of us can be described with many different words, or[…]

June 1 2016

Hey everybody! We are excited to introduce a new series on our blog: A summer of science: real stories from a lizard lab. The goal of this series is to give you a peek into what it’s really like to[…]

May 25 2016

Green anoles have an amazing ability that humans don’t. Can you guess what it is? They can change the color of their body! And they can do this in a quickly as three seconds! The usual color of a green[…]

August 18 2014

Hi! My name is Brittney, and I am the new lab technician here in the Johnson lab. I did not have much experience with lizards before I came here, but I am learning a lot about them now. One job[…]