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April 22 2017

Si nunca has conocido a un científico, podrías preguntarte cómo se ven. La respuesta es simple: los científicos se ven como cualquier otra persona! No existe un solo tipo de científico. En nuestro Laboratorio de las Lagartijas en San Antonio,[…]

April 21 2017

If you’ve never met a scientist, you may wonder what real scientists look like. The answer is that scientists look like all of us! There’s not one type of scientist. In our Lizard Lab in San Antonio, Texas, we have[…]

October 26 2016

When I was a kid, the idea of going to college was a long way off in the future. I would daydream about what my life would be like when I was a teenager, and what it would be like[…]

June 9 2015

The ultimate goal when playing many games is to WIN! I’m a big competitor, so winning is important to me. My love of competition is the reason I love lizards so much, because lizards have competitions too. One of the[…]

February 6 2014

Hi! My name is Michael. I just graduated from college, and now I am working in the Lizard Lab. I get to work on so many cool projects, but I am really excited to tell you about one project in[…]