Category: Anoles

July 6 2017

We need YOUR help to solve a lizard mystery! For the past eight years, members of our Lizard Lab have studied green anole lizards (scientific name: Anolis carolinensis) in Palmetto State Park in Luling, Texas. This park is about an hour[…]

February 28 2017

Howdy lizardsandfriends followers, My name is Faith, and I’ve worked in the Lizard Lab for the past two years. (Check out my previous blog posts here and here!)  In this post, I’ll describe how we can tell the difference between[…]

July 7 2016

Hello, everyone! My name is Hannah, and I recently returned from a field trip with the Lizard Lab. We went together to Corpus Christi, Texas where we spent two days exploring the beautiful South Texas Botanical Gardens and studying the[…]

June 8 2016

Hi!  My name is Amy, and I’m the new member of the Lizard Lab. Right now, I spend most of my time helping out on little projects, and learning as much as I can about the way things work here in[…]

May 29 2016

Have you ever wondered how scientists study the complex, microscopic world inside animal brains? I’m interested in how lizards’ brain cells work, and I’m studying how molecules called lipids help the cells function in hot and cold temperatures.  (You may[…]

May 25 2016

Green anoles have an amazing ability that humans don’t. Can you guess what it is? They can change the color of their body! And they can do this in a quickly as three seconds! The usual color of a green[…]

April 22 2015

Spring is finally here (at least in Texas) and that means only a few more weeks of school until sweet summertime! Our little lizard friends are just as happy as we are to bask in the sun and warm up.[…]

July 2 2014

Here in Puerto Rico, we are studying several species of lizards that scientists don’t know much about yet.  One of those species is called the Ponce Grass Anole (Ponce is a town in southern Puerto Rico), and its scientific name[…]

November 25 2013

Hi, my name is McKenzie and I am in my third year at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. I have spent the last two summers working with lizards and I would like to tell you about a cool project[…]

August 13 2013

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the Lizards and Friends website!  My name is Michele, and I’m a scientist who studies how lizards behave.  I’m interested in how lizards “talk” to each other, and how their brains send signals to their muscles to cause[…]