Category: Lizard Behavior

January 29 2017

What makes lizards, snakes, crocodiles, and turtles so cool? There are LOTS of reasons why these animals are fun to learn about, and our friend Jordan Bush has written about her top three. (Jordan used to be a student in[…]

November 17 2016

Everybody you know has a unique personality. Some of us are shy, hyper, optimistic, caring, awkward, friendly, smart, or talkative…the list goes on. And our personalities are complicated – each of us can be described with many different words, or[…]

July 25 2016

Hey everyone! My name is Adam, and I’ve worked in the Lizard Lab for just over a year. Most of the time,  the students in the lab work on our own research projects, but last week our lab had a[…]

May 25 2016

Green anoles have an amazing ability that humans don’t. Can you guess what it is? They can change the color of their body! And they can do this in a quickly as three seconds! The usual color of a green[…]

May 19 2015

Hello, my name is Leah! I am a student in the Lizard Lab at Trinity University, and I’m studying lizard jaws. I just began this project, and I am trying to learn if the way lizards use their mouths in[…]

February 27 2015

Hi, I’m Faith! This is my first year in college, and I’m the new kid in the Lizard Lab. I have never worked in a lab before or even touched a lizard, so this is very new and exciting for[…]

November 17 2014

It’s easy for all of us to list lots of ways that lizards are different from people. For example, most lizards are much smaller than us. They are also scaly and don’t like the cold at all, so they’ll never[…]

March 27 2014

Hi! My name is Lauren and I study biology and environmental studies at Trinity University. One of my favorite ways to learn about biology and the environment is by studying lizards with Dr. Johnson in her lab! In the lab,[…]

November 15 2013

In spring and summer in Texas, we see lizards everywhere we look.  They’re climbing on the trees, crawling on the ground, and running around the walls of our houses.  If you watch a lizard for a few minutes in the[…]