Category: Lizard Muscles

July 11 2016

Hey everybody –  it’s Miguel again! A few weeks ago, I told you about how we cut pieces of brain and muscle tissue into tiny pieces, and then put them on microscope slides (click here to read that post). The next step[…]

May 19 2015

Hello, my name is Leah! I am a student in the Lizard Lab at Trinity University, and I’m studying lizard jaws. I just began this project, and I am trying to learn if the way lizards use their mouths in[…]

April 29 2015

When we think of a scientists, we often times imagine someone who works in a lab, and wears a long, white lab coat. We might imagine them mixing chemicals and looking through a microscope. Scientists do all of these things;[…]

February 27 2015

Hi, I’m Faith! This is my first year in college, and I’m the new kid in the Lizard Lab. I have never worked in a lab before or even touched a lizard, so this is very new and exciting for[…]