Archive: July 2016

July 28 2016

In the Lizard Lab, we all devote time every week to taking care of the lizards in the lab. Everyone shares this responsibility. (In fact, we even have a lab calendar to remind us whose turn it is to do[…]

July 25 2016

Hey everyone! My name is Adam, and I’ve worked in the Lizard Lab for just over a year. Most of the time,  the students in the lab work on our own research projects, but last week our lab had a[…]

July 11 2016

Hey everybody –  it’s Miguel again! A few weeks ago, I told you about how we cut pieces of brain and muscle tissue into tiny pieces, and then put them on microscope slides (click here to read that post). The next step[…]

July 7 2016

Hello, everyone! My name is Hannah, and I recently returned from a field trip with the Lizard Lab. We went together to Corpus Christi, Texas where we spent two days exploring the beautiful South Texas Botanical Gardens and studying the[…]