It’s been an amazing summer, here in the Lizard Lab! We have learned a lot of new things (see here and here), thought about new ideas to test, collected the data to see if those ideas are right (see here, here, and here) and then looked for patterns in the data. We have worked hard every day, surrounded by our friends in the lab, and taken some fun days off too (see here and here)!

At the end of our summer research program, we always have a research symposium at our university, where all the students who’ve been studying biology, history, art, chemistry, computers, business, and every other type of subject come together to talk about what they’ve learned. In our symposium, Miguel gave an amazing talk about his study of lizard blood to a packed room of students and professors, and Hannah, Faith, Amy, and Henry talked about their research in the poster session. Check out their awesome posters below:


The next day, we had an end-of-summer party where we all put on temporary tattoos of frogs, sharks, dinosaurs, snakes, and other animals. It was a fun way to end our work together! (You can see the photo of our tattoos at the top of this post.)

Now, the gang is back at work being college students – everybody is studying hard for classes, staying up too late to watch movies and talk with friends, and working in the lab a few hours a week. We still have lots of things to learn in our research, so we’ll keep you posted as we figure out more about how and why lizards behave like they do.