If you’ve never met a scientist, you may wonder what real scientists look like. The answer is that scientists look like all of us! There’s not one type of scientist.

Sometimes scientists like to be silly!

In our Lizard Lab in San Antonio, Texas, we have scientists who are tall and who are short, scientists who are women and who are men, and scientists who are gay and who are straight. The scientists in our lab grew up in the United States (and many of us are from Texas), Mexico, Ecuador, Honduras, China, and the Middle East. In fact, scientists live all over the world! We are black, Asian, white, Latino, indigenous, or a mix of these races. Some scientists have families who have a lot of money, and some scientists have families who have very little money. Some scientists have diseases that they live with every day. Some scientists are moms or dads, grandmas or grandads, sisters, brothers, and cousins. Some wear glasses, some have freckles, some have beards, and some have tattoos. Some scientists are athletes, some love to read, some are good cooks, and some are musicians.

One important finding from scientific studies of how groups of people work together is that teams made up of people who look different from each other often work best. These teams are more creative, and they get more work done, than groups of people where everyone looks the same. So, for scientists to do their best work, we need all kinds of scientists – including scientists who look exactly like you!